Atelier Pras : the best traditional know-how, the highest level of technology

ATELIERPRAS was founded in 1978 and soon became best in class as model railway equipment specialist.
To the success with the first historical clients (Sncf, Alstom...) followed over the years the demand from new industries:  aerospace, energy, defense, ship building, architecture...

The team has been steadily expanded and enriched constantly with new specialties and skills.
Continued investment in a high-level performance machine pool and the latest in technology ensures for our clients an unequaled quality of service and responsiveness.

The ATELIERPRAS reputation in craftsmanship has expanded in recent years and caught the attention of large contractors in the luxury industry, attracted by the quality of the service offered and the constant compliance to agreed deadlines.

The warm welcome, quality of the advice given to its clients by the whole team, together with its dedication and commitment to the business has contributed to making of ATELIER PRAS a very singular house that is altogether unique.