Atelier Pras is also Atelier du Luxe, Luxury
luxury windows
luxury windows
high end windows manufacturing
high end merchandising manufacturing
luxury manufacturing and merchandising
measure made objects, small series
bespoke manufacturing, small series
traditional manufacturing, taylor made manufacturing

ATELIER PRAS enjoys the confidence of a large number of premium brand names in the luxury, cosmetics and design fields.



Operational marketing professionals (retail designers, visual merchandisers, window dressers, event managers...) find at ATELIER PRAS careful listening, skill and punctuality.



ATELIER PRAS' knowledge and know-how is made available to you in all its fields of expertise: resin flow under vacuum, packaging, cold-set resin metallisation, hand made modeling, digital designing, multi-axis digital machining, traditional cabinet making and marquetery/inlay, varnishing, digital colour-matching and industrial paint booth painting, 3d printing, stereo-lithography, etc.


ATELIER PRAS manufactures prestige shop windows, bottling, merchandising, special packaging, woodwork, single and small series decoration objects for household names in the industry.


The very divers fields of "savoir faire" combined with a pool of machines that is unrivaled in its speciality has propulsed ATELIER PRAS at top rank and first choice contractor for the Luxury industry professionals.

The concentration of so divers a number of skills in such a variety of different fields under one roof is at the root of our renowned quality and responsiveness.


Luxury, ATELIER PRAS : Atelier du Luxe